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Since fourty years M.E.M has been working in the precision mechanics sector for third parties.
It started in 1964 working in the aeronautics sector.
Since the beginning, the main target has been the achieving of the produst's quality, because in the aeronautics sector there were already precise rules to follow; so our firm was immediately certificated with AQ rules.
The quality factor hes been decisive and so it was applied in the organizing and producting cycles'produres.
In the following years we have extended our manufacturing to other sector:
    Motor sector
    Compressed air sector
    Medical sector
    Oil pressure sector
    Thermodynamic sector
    Mechanical seal
During the last years we have developed a department for the assembly and the testing of all our products.

Administrative offices
Puschases offices
Planning and development orders offices
    Machines tool CNC Department
    Traditional machines tool Departments
    Assembly Departments
    Metrological and testing room
To the purchase of the materials and for the termic and superficial treatments we make use of te์he collaboration of specialized suppliers which are certificated with ISO 9000 regulations.

Our attention has always been oriented to the tecnology's development and the following constant adaption of uor firm.
To this aim it is necessary to invest continously in the machines tool and control equipments improvment to remain in the market and satisfy our costumer's needs.